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Weight Loss and You

Being overweight is not simply a matter of vanity – it is also a serious medical condition that can lead to a whole host of health problems. In this country alone this year, over 300,000 will die from obesity-related conditions.  Our rally cry at Regenesis Wellness Center is to wipe out obesity in Arizona.  Regenesis Wellness Center, with over 45 years of experience in the weight loss field, understands that eventually all diets will fail.  You gain, you lose, you fail.  The results are always predictable.  We’ve seen our patients lose over 100,000 pounds in these past years, only to observe that many will regain the lost weight.

We decided to figure out why and the answer was simple:  we were not finding the cause of the problem.  Once we found the cause, fixed it, and followed it through simple principles, we found that our clients became more successful, living better, and were more healthy.  The formula is simple: find the cause by doing extensive laboratory tests using serum, urine and saliva, understanding the problem may be both physical and cognitive, and formulating an individualized plan that makes sense.  We employ only the latest methods of detecting even the most minute changes in body chemistry.

Here you will find a warm and accepting environment where you can come in and talk openly about your weight in a real way – with a staff of caring professionals who are eager to support you in every step of your journey to health.

Success comes from our Four-Step Plan



This is where we begin to understand more about you and the goals you are looking to achieve. We the run diagnostic testing to better understand your current state of health.


Now that we know more about your body, mind and spirit, this is where we begin to remove fat quickly through Regenesis’ unique, revolutionary HCG solution (tablets available for those who do not wish injections) combined with a healthy, personalized diet plan.

We want to alleviate any concerns you may have about HCG, so please talk to us when you are considering this program. Just know that many people think that HCG does not work or is dangerous to the system. This is a myth. To learn more about HCG, click here.


Here is where you will go into your ongoing plan so that any deficiencies that were seen in Step 1 (such as food allergies, sugar problem, thyroid deficiency, hormonal imbalance, psychological issues, etc.).  You will be given only natural products for the remediation of your physical conditions.  In this step, you will be introduced to Regenesis’ medical breakthrough, Lean-4 Ever, which will aid you in losing more weight or maintaining what you have already accomplished.


A follow-up process in which you will be seen quarterly to check progress and maintain a source of motivation and stimulation.  At Regenesis we believe that success is a result of commitment and building a partnership between the patient and our providers.  We will do whatever it takes for you to succeed.