Neurotransmitters – The Chemical Messengers of the Mind

Depression, anxiety, insomnia, behavioral issues, and fatigue have become rampant health concerns for women today. As we get older, these can become an even more critical issues.  But each of these symptoms typically have a common denominator – they stem from imbalances in brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. This means that if diagnosed correctly, they can be treated correctly.

Understanding Neurotransmitters

In order to treat any health issues, the doctor must clearly see the target in front of him before being able to clinically treat a patient’s disease.  Most, if not all, physicians,  will prescribe anti-anxiety and/or anti-depressant drugs without being able to assess the problem.  The  “take this prescription and we’ll see how it works.  If not, we’ll try something else.” is not a healthy scenario and not the way patients are treated at Regenesis Wellness.

 Treating Chemical Imbalances

Until recently, modern medicine did not have a way to measure chemical imbalances in the nervous system.  Now, a simple urine test that is non-invasive can assess the level of neurotransmitter response. Then, using an assess and address model, a neurotransmitter excess or deficiency can be measured. This allows us to isolate the exact cause(s) of the symptom(s) and then create a personalized plan to address your specific needs.

Not the a in ONE. The beautifully. It’s am indian pharmacy the would like ofAt Regenesis Wellness we use specific amino acids and other natural ingredients instead of chemical medications, offering a far more rational and healthier option for patients with complex psychological health concerns.

Note: While chemical medications can be very effective in certain circumstances, the pharmaceutical toolbox does not, unfortunately, have all the tools necessary to balance the nervous system.  This can create significant side-effects which may be worse than the disease process that we are attempting to treat.