"The first thing I noticed after thirty days of testosterone replacement was in my body composition and muscle firmness, mostly in my chest.  My strength is somewhat increased and I recover faster after exercise.  I have been able to lose 7 pounds, mostly from around the middle.  I sleep better and have an increased sex drive."
 - Jim W.

Our Approach to Men’s Health – Understanding Andropause

Do men really change life as women do?  The answer is a definite YES. It is a little known phenomena known as Andropause.  This is based on as men age, their testosterone wanes.  In fact, the levels begin to decrease after age 19 so that by the time a man reaches his forties and fifties he begins to realize that he can no longer keep up with the younger guys.  This is often the time when men will begin to notice a decrease in muscle mass, difficulty in recovery after exercise and a loss of energy for no apparent reason.  This can lead to mild depression along with losing hair and strength.

Few men will visit a healthcare professional to fix these problems, whether it’s lack of understanding that this is a fixable issue or  vanity, apathy or laziness – men just don’t seek help.  At Regenesis we believe that men should be operating at the top of their game so we want to turn this change around.  Our program, using bio-identical hormone replacement, will significantly raise the serum testosterone levels leading to a stronger, more healthy, focused male.

The Testosterone Story

Male menopause is a known factor in the cycle of progressive deterioration of male skills & abilities. It is closely correlated to the female counterpart in that it’s a lowering of hormonal levels as one ages. The difference, however, is that testosterone levels start lowering at age 25 and by age 40 85% of all males have diminished testosterone levels with decreased energy, strength, stamina and sexuality. More important, however, is when deficient low testosterone levels are at the core of many chronic disease entities which can and will lead to an early demise.

Male testosterone replacement has taken many years to gain popularity because most of the emphasis has been on female menopause. Many physicians do not recognize that testosterone levels may be within normal limits, and therefore not treatable according to the current medical paradigm. However, these individuals do indeed have symptoms of male menopause and respond almost immediately to replacement therapy.

At Regenesis we believe in treating the whole patient and not necessarily lab results. Our success is based on close evaluation of the patient’s history and physical with a finely tuned ear to early complaints. We truly realize the importance of testosterone balance and firmly believe that treating this condition will lead to a better quality of life, decreasing the probability of chronic disease, therefore putting more years in your life.

The Man Solutions

We’ve developed a unique formula we call “The Superman Formula,” which clinically balances all levels of hormonal  deficiencies.  We also added a softening agent which cuts down on aggressive behavior.  These elements, when added to the anti-aging use of HGH, provide a combination that will produce a significant difference in not only feeling better, but looking and acting younger.

We’ve also taken the anti-aging craze to a new level by adding our “Superman” formula which includes an ED (erectile dysfunction) component, along with our testosterone formula.