Your First Visit to Regenesis Wellness

From the moment you step into the office, you will see that things are different here at Regenesis Wellness. Our goal is make this, and every visit, the best medical visit you’ve ever had. Know that you’ll come in as a patient but you’ll leave as a member of our extended family. And, you will also walk out with a plan to put you back on the way to a healthier you.

Your time is valuable to both of us so we want to make the most of every appointment. Plan that your first visit may be a little longer than what you typically expect. We’ll get you in right away, have you talk to the doctor that day and, if appropriate, start running tests to come up with your plan. We believe in being efficient instead of asking you to come back over and over.

And, we listen to what you are saying. There are many factors to your health – mind, body and spirit – so we take the time to truly understand what is going on in your life. Our staff is here to share ideas so you can live your life to the fullest. Please plan on sharing all pertinent information with us.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to your visit, please contact us at 480-443-0004

What else to bring

We look forward to meeting you soon!