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Natural vs. Chemical BHRT

Our source for BHRT is the yam, which can be configured to produce the same chemical composition of your DNA. For comparison, chemical hormonal replacement (synthetic - "patented," "conventional," "artificial," or "horse") hormones have been proven to be dangerous in that it contains components which are known carcinogens (those chemicals that can produce cancer cells).

Customized Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones levels decline due to a variety of reasons from aging to disease to surgery. BHRT is a more natural way to replace these hormones so unlike its chemical counterparts, BHRT more closely resembles what your body should be producing.

Our goals for your BHRT

The Regenesis Wellness Process

Although we rely on laboratory values as a key element to your analysis and treatment,  we believe that results are best measured by how each individual feels in response to dosage.

Is BHRT safe?

We have extensive research that shows that some of the product will be metabolized resulting in the formation of Estrone, a potential carcinogen. Through science we have developed a compound that will prevent this from happening so that you are given greater protection from the formation of this “bad” estrogen.

Recently, there has been a wave of interest in pellet therapy, which are selected hormones forced into the system. This type of delivery system is not recommended because of its unreliability and cost. We have tested many patients on pellet therapy and found that there is a toxic level initially, followed by a rapid drop as months pass, causing an imbalance in hormonal status.

Hormone related symptoms that may occur during the feminine life cycle

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