Mission Statement

At Regenesis Wellness Center, we are changing the pulse of modern medicine. Backed by over four decades of medical wisdom, our innovative approach blends the ancient principles of mind, body, and spirit with the best modern medicine has to offer. By treating people, not symptoms, Regenesis facilitates the journey to health and provides the resources to maintain it. Be well, live well.

Practice Philosophy

Osteopathic medicine is the hallmark of our philosophy. Osteopathic physicians understand that all the body systems are interconnected, each one affecting the rest. The patient is considered a distinctive person so both medical expertise and compassionate care is taken to treat everyone. Here at Regenesis Wellness, our approach to whole-body health means that when a patient has a problem, we consider all of the contributing factors, such as family history, attitude, lifestyle issues, diet, exercise and stress. We don't just treat the symptoms: we get to the core of the problem, fix it, and then help you make sure it doesn't come back. That's what makes the difference. To learn more about Osteopathic Medicine, please go to www.osteopathic.org.